Illinois Jobs Now!

In 2009 Governor Quinn signed into law bills that would create a $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! plan as way to create and retain jobs throughout the state.

One of the landmark successes of the plan was opened to the public on October 26th in Chicago. 

Governor Quinn and Chicago Mayor Emanuel opened up the new South Lake Shore Drive Expansion which created two new miles of roadway designed to improve traffic flow and downtown Chicago access. 

“Lake Shore Drive runs between a great lake and a great city, and this new expansion will improve the quality of life from 79th to 92nd streets and beyond.” said Governor Quinn, announcing the opening. “This major expansion created hundreds of jobs and now that it’s complete, it will keep driving our economy forward. Today brings good news for Illinois residents and visitors who will now be able to enjoy this new route.”

The project cost a total of  $64 million dollars, with $46 million coming from the Illinois Jobs Now! program, $15 million coming from federal highway funds, and the remaining $3 million coming from the city of Chicago. 

The new project makes the area of south Chicago more accessible, with around 24,000 vehicles expected to use the new roadway every day.

The $31 billion dollar Illinois Jobs Now! plan is the largest capital construction program in Illinois history, and one of the largest capital construction programs in the United States. Through its’ six year course, the plan is meant to support more than 439,000 jobs around the state. 

One of the recent Illinois Jobs Now! projects was announced in September for the Peoria area. 

The $5.3 million dollar project is meant to help repair municipal, township, and county infrastructure in the Peoria area.

“These important investments will help municipalities throughout the Peoria area as they address their unique local transportation needs.” said Governor Quinn. “These Illinois Jobs Now! funds, when added to the Motor Fuel Tax disbursement, mean local communities in this area will see an increase of about 17 percent in resources they need to move forward on immediate projects that address critical needs, create jobs, and support economic growth.”

Also announced in September, was a $448,000 project in McLean County to replace a bridge that carries Township Road 134 over Kings Mill Creek.

“Those traveling township roads in western McLean County will benefit from this project,” said Governor Quinn. “The construction project will also employ a number of construction workers, which will help the local economy as well.”

Most projects done through the Illinois Jobs Now! plan are managed locally, with The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) providing oversight of the them. 

New projects financed through Illinois Jobs Now! are announced often. If you would like specifics about the plan itself, or the projects it is financing you can visit its’ website at  for a complete list of all the projects and their costs organized according to the community in which they are taking place.